"Free as a bird.
It’s the next best thing to be.’ 
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Tonight while The Beatles’s playlist turn on shuffle, it play From Me To You. Sigh, how long I haven’t listen to this song… And while I listen to this song, I reminisce the times I hooked too much with this kind of music. Before, I listened so many 60’s, well, still happening now.  But something that I’m so glad yet annoyed to hear was because of the lyrics.

If there’s anything that you want

If there’s anything I can do

Just call on me and I’ll send it along

With love, from me to you

I got arms that long to hold you

And keep you by my side

I got lips that long to kiss you

And keep you satisfied, oooh

You got it? How can we find a man who have such a sweet words like that in this present time? But beside of that, I’ve pleased because the words are pure, very clear to describe how you are in love and you’re in the first phase of the relationship. I don’t know who was the truly writer that chose the cheesy words, John or Paul, but the things that I remember, this song was made at years that John was in his lovely period with Chyntia. Paul is unknown to me, maybe he haven’t met Jane Asher yet. The power of the words really won my heart because the simple line, yet true, the lovable feeling. How you want to protect your lover, spent all of your time with, how genuine is your love, well altough it sounds bullshit.

If I have a boyfriend with this kind of attitude. Sigh.


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I took this photo of Paul in a poolside bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, June 1968, when he and Linda first got together. Paul had just had a swim and he is sitting in his swimsuit, playing and singing ”Blackbird” - Childhood friend Tony Bramwell

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